New Routes for 2017

The route is entirely off road, beautiful parkland tracks, woods, no public roads whatsoever. It will be well marshalled with a half-way rest/refreshment/loo stop for each rider.
Refreshments also available at the start.

  • Minimum start fee £15.00 if received by the Secretary by Tuesday 25th April 2017 and £20.00 for entries on the day. Start times between 10am – 2pm.
Last start time for 15 mile route will be 1 pm.
  • A contribution of £3 per entry will be charged to for First Aid provision
  • Under 13 yrs must be accompanied by an adult
  • Rosettes for every rider on completion of the ride.
 Prize for the highest amount of money raised by an adult and also rider 16yrs and under.
  • Bed and Breakfast for both human and equine entrants, if required, is available locally – contact The Secretary for details
  • We regret that cyclists are not permitted to accompany riders around any of the routes. Anyone wishing to cycle through the park must enter through the main Grimsthope Castle entrance and obtain the necessary ticket


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General Rules

  1. Riders must wear hard riding hats or skull caps and be tidily dressed
  2. Make sure your tack is safe for the ride and if your horse/pony is shod, please ensure it is well shod
  3. Riders may retire their horses at any checkpoint should they wish to do so, but they must report to a Steward so that the mileage is recorded
  4. Stewards will be authorised to ask a rider to withdraw or await veterinary opinion at the start of any check point on the route should they consider it necessary
  5. The organisers will not accept liability for any damage, accident or injury to any animal, person or property
  6. Riders MUST check-in and out at the Secretary’s caravan whether they complete the ride or not
  7. Riders must keep to the course and strictly observe all signs on the route, and show due consideration for other riders. Only the jumps marked with flags  may be jumped
  8. Entry fees are not returnable if for any reason the rider is unable to start
  9. Each rider is responsible for collecting amounts promised by his/her sponsors
  10. One rider in each group must carry a mobile phone