This new event will take place on Saturday 2nd June 2018 and there will be a choice of routes of either 5, 10, 15 or 20 miles. These routes will be decided by the estate but will be located within the park over the existing tracks and driveway, so that they will be totally on private roads with no public highways being used at all.



This is purely a pleasure ride. No competition of any kind is permitted. Any inappropriate behaviour by any turnout will severely jeopardise the continued running of this event.

  • All participants are welcome to enjoy the tranquillity of Grimsthorpe Park without disturbing it or causing any distress or nuisance to the estate and its residents of whatever species.

  • All entrants should follow the many clear direction signs for the sponsored ride.

  • The organisers recommend that all Drivers, Grooms and any Passengers on every turnout  wear hard riding hats or skull caps at all times throughout the drive, but this is entirely optional except for those aged under 14 years
  • Entrance to the park will be from the Little Bytham Road – there will be NO access via the main entrance to the castle and you will be redirected to the correct entrance in the event of a mistake – a considerable detour around the perimeter of the park.

  • Directions are shown on the link above

  • Plenty of parking is available and clearly signposted adjacent to the Gymkhana field, where the secretary’s tent will be located.

  • All entrants must report to the Secretary where they will be given a number which must be displayed at all times.

  • The routes will be clearly marked to ensure all have an enjoyable and trouble free drive.

General Rules

  1. All turnouts must show evidence of Personal Liability Insurance the secretary on the day while registering before setting out on the drive. All British Driving Society members are automatically covered. If this is not available then the turnout will not be permitted to participate in the event. There will be no exceptions to this rule.
  2. All turnouts must include a competent and able groom.
  3. Drivers/Groom/Passengers must be tidily dressed and be responsible for safety attire.
  4. Make sure your horse/pony is well shod and your harness and carriage is safe for the drive – please include your own spares kit.
  5. Turnouts may retire at any checkpoint should they wish to do so, but they must report to a Steward. They must also check in with the Secretary before leaving the event.
  6. Stewards will be authorised to ask a turnout to withdraw or await veterinary opinion at the start of any check point on the route should they consider it necessary.
  7. The organisers will not accept liability for any damage, accident or injury to any animal, person or property.
  8. Each turnout  MUST check-in and out at the Secretary’s tent  whether they complete the drive or not.
  9. Drivers must keep to the course and strictly observe all signs on the route, and show due consideration for other turnouts and all other users of the park. It is essential that the estate is respected and under no circumstances are turnouts to race or seen to be competing against each other – this is strictly a pleasure drive.
  10. No galloping is allowed on the estate.
  11. Entry fees are not returnable if for any reason the turnout is unable to start.
  12. Each turnout must carry a mobile phone and have given the number to the secretary before setting out.
  13. All participants must ensure that their turnouts are of serviceable condition to take part in the drive. The organisers reserve the right to prevent anyone taking part who they feel does not comply with this condition. The organiser’s decision is final.